Four steps to help you handle emotional eating

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8 minute read Eating: a perfectly natural thing to do when we’re hungry. And yet, eating has changed over recent decades and more so during Corona Times. With the creation of the 24/7 food environment, takeout delivery services, and the rise of Instagram food inspiration to tickle our taste buds, many of us…

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To Diet or Not to Diet? Finding Contentment in a Personalised Way of Eating.

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10 minute read I know, I hear you: who’d have thought we’d ever see “contentment” in a piece about weight management. But, in a world of confusing mixed messages, it is possible to find your happy place. We live in interesting times. Much of what we thought we knew has changed, particularly in the…

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Every dog knows the importance of sleep: simple tips to help you become ‘more dog’

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6 minute read How did you sleep last night? Well, I hope? If you’re anything like me, you may occasionally experience a disruption in your sleep quality or quantity that soon settles down. Or, if you’re more like the 40% or so of the UK population who regularly experience issues with sleep, your…

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