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Effective health and weight management doesn’t have to be complicated. We are all born with the ability to influence our wellbeing, with the keystones of food, lifestyle and self-talk all interweaving to shape our unique situation.  The many demands and concerns we experience on a daily basis all influence how you navigate health and well-being, including your weight. Whether to survive, or survive and thrive, the choice is always yours: what are you choosing?


‘Health’ used to mean ‘whole’ or ‘complete’, embracing every element of our lives. In recent years, traditional health management has focused more on numbers, calories and weight yet there is so much more to achieving and maintaining a ‘healthy weight’. Eating, lifestyle and mindset approaches all play a part in wellness, including weight management. Carefully targeted, these approaches can help you achieve your goals whatever they may be, providing a complete and aligned strategy. How ‘healthy’ is your approach? How do you live Life well?


Food is a foundation in health, with nutritional needs and eating behaviour changing as we go through Life. Years of influences, conditioning, beliefs, and triggers, together with our current living situation, means our approach to food is unique, and nuanced according to context. By understanding your eating, your habits, and the influences on your decision-making process, you can make better informed lifestyle choices. Are you choosing to eat, and live, well?

Time to take your health, eating or weight seriously but unsure where to start?

Well, you’re not alone.

For so many people, health seems to have become such hard work, especially during these more challenging times. Take food: how has something so central to Life made us feel miserable, confused, conflicted, divided and frustrated?

And yet, it doesn’t have to be like this…

If you’ve forgotten how good ‘healthy’ feels maybe it’s time to re-discover your Inner Expert, create a balanced relationship with food as one part of your aligned health strategy, and get on with living, well.

The five keystones of health – food, movement, sleeping, relaxing, and mindset – all talk to and influence each other. Many of us interact with food several times a day so your eating patterns and choices can be a great place to start to create better health. Some of us find that challenging and prefer to put it to one side for a while and look at the other keystones first. Better health starts wherever you want: food is a great choice, or maybe you’d prefer to start with movement or sleep or managing your mood and mindset. It’s all good; it’s all valid; it’s your choice. It’s time to choose healthy: where will you begin?

I’m Sabra, a whole-self nutrition and lifestyle professional. I help people just like you to re-connect with your Inner Eating Expert and switch up your health. Together we explore your body’s messages and how these are shaped. From there, we look at how you may manage your own well-being and create simple, practical, strategies that include food, lifestyle, and mindset with no jargon, no “should” or “must”, no unnecessary restrictions, and no finger-wagging or guilt-tripping. Our conversations are designed to encourage and empower you to cut through confusion, to trust  and respect your body’s inner wisdom, and update your decision-making process.

How would it feel to understand how to keep your body happy, your mind chilled, no tension around food, and with consistent energy to embrace Life and all its messy fun? Isn’t it time to create your healthier tomorrow, today? Let’s chat.

Call me on 07905 093840 or send me an email and let me introduce you to your Inner Eating Expert.

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

C.S. Lewis

I do things a little differently

It’s not all red cabbage!

This home-grown, nutritious and versatile veggie is packed full of health-supportive nutrients. Don't like it (yet)? There's plenty of alternatives...

Make food easy again.

Cut through those confusing messages that make food scary, tricky or emotionally charged. It's food, it should be easy.

Who said no treats?

Treats have a part in happier eating, but as an occasional indulgence, not in an "everyday's a birthday party" way.

When life hands you lemons…

do you make lemonade, martinis, or celebrate their liver supportive potential? Your perspective influences your choice.

Don't just take my word for it...

“The genuine, personal care and support I’ve received from Sabra has been and continues to be fundamental in my recovery; I can’t thank her enough!”


“Whenever I need to resolve a health concern, I consult Sabra. Over the years, she's helped me to manage various issues. Each time, she takes the science and makes it understandable and practical so that I can improve the choices I make and create my own well-being programme.”


“Sabra devised a bespoke eating plan to help support my immune system and the medication I have to take. She helped me identify the foods I liked and suggested healthier alternatives for my general wellbeing and weight management.”