Healthy Eating

with a different approach

My approach incorporates blood sugar balancing methodology, usually within the context of Mediterranean-style food selections, and Time-Restricted Eating (you might know this as Intermittent Fasting) – all firmly demonstrated as having clear health benefits – whilst respecting your personal, cultural and ethical food philosophy. And yes, cake – or whatever you enjoy – remains on the menu.

Addressing food choices to maximise nutrient provision and adjusting eating behaviour and lifestyle has been shown to deliver amazing results, without feelings of deprivation or guilt or sacrificing favourite foods.

The behaviour change elements are as important as the foods you eat, enabling you to adjust food choices and create new habits to underpin your success.

My comprehensive approach covers all bases. The length and format of your bespoke programme will depend on the support you need, and the goals set.

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“What we put into our mouths several times a day is the foundation for every aspect of our health.”

Professor Felice Jacka
International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research