Health, Done Differently

My approach places you at its heart, with health optimisation the focus.

Our bodies and minds connect in countless ways: what we see on the outside reflects what’s going on inside so we start with understanding which factors are playing a part in your health concerns. From there, we identify which keystone you wish to prioritise: food, lifestyle, mindset all link together to influence your health.

Tweaking lifestyle and food choices, maximising nutrient provision and nourishing body and mind has been shown to deliver amazing results.

The simplest place to start is with food: it isn’t our only medicine but quite often it’s the first and the best purely because it provides the energy for Life. It’s not just what you eat but when, where, how, why and with whom. We look at your relationship with food, your particular nutritional needs, your food philosophy, background and habits, your willingness and ability to get in the kitchen, and who else needs to be considered.

Grounded in the science of food and behaviour, this Whole Self approach is evidence-based and draws on several tools, including blood sugar balancing methodology and insulin management, usually within the context of Positive Nutrition, Mediterranean-style food selections and Time-Restricted Eating (including fasting if, and when, appropriate), all firmly demonstrated as having clear health benefits.

Where considered beneficial, I use a “smart health” approach, making recommendations for laboratory testing or nutritional supplements. Some tests may be available through your GP but others are available privately, through reputable laboratories used by leading physicians. Results are fully and comprehensively interpreted for you. The nutritional supplements I recommend are from manufacturers producing the highest quality, bio-available nutrient formulations.

Food and lifestyle adjustment is just one part of the picture: none of this works unless you can embrace it, so we explore your readiness to change.

Together we consider where change may be made more easily and effectively and how to structure it, and support you, for success. It’s practical and designed to fit your lifestyle allowing you to make helpful choices whether eating out or at home, on holiday, or celebrating events and festivities. Above all, it’s designed to give you a toolkit that empowers you to achieve your goals without continued reliance on my support.

My comprehensive approach covers all bases. The length and format of your bespoke programme will depend on what you need, and the goals set.

We start with a 3 month (or 12 week) long programme and there’s a preferentially priced option to continue if you want to go further, or simply have ongoing support.

It really is all about you. For a change.

And yes, cake – or whatever you enjoy – remains on the menu.

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“What we put into our mouths several times a day is the foundation for every aspect of our health.”

Professor Felice Jacka
International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research