“I passionately believe that understanding the influence your food and life choices have on how you feel, look and behave is a key first step in becoming, and staying, healthier.”

Sabra RalphFounder, Happier Eating

My path to happier eating

My personal experience of the ‘weight gain-loss-regain’ process brought me here.

That cycle that started in my teens finally ended more than 25 years ago when I realised I’d lost ‘me’ and my food and coping choices weren’t helping. A chance remark about acceptance or change lead me to look at weight and health differently.

I tried it all: flavour-enhanced replacement meals and bars, the lemon-based drinks, the fat blockers, and (my favourite) the microwaveable, portion-controlled, ‘ready-in-a-heartbeat’ dishes that simplified eating, at a cost.

I weighed and measured everything: my food, me. I went to Group, found ‘my tribe’ and shared it all: the good, the less good, the  guilt as weigh-in day approached, the chocolate bars after the meetings.

I deprived myself. I lost the weight. And regained it all, and more.

Until I did something different. I learned how to make changes that stuck, even when I returned to ‘normal’ eating.

My focus on “weight” transitioned into a deep interest in health, particularly food choice; I re-trained in nutritional therapy, qualifying in 2005. My influences include Geneen Roth, Jane Hirschmann and Carol Muter, Karen Koening, Marc David, and Jan Cozen Bays. My ongoing postgraduate training reflects my passion for health behaviour change management. I’ve trained in Intuitive Eating with Evelyn Tribole,  appetite re-training with Dr Helen McCarthy, clinical hypnotherapy, the Eating Freely method, and health coaching with Dr Stephen Palmer, building out my toolkit. My professional CPD is added to throughout the year ensuring that I  can help you create your path to better health.

There’s no escaping it, change can be messy, especially when it comes to something as emotionally charged as food and eating.  My approach is simple, practical and grounded in science. Together, we switch up your choices and create a plan that works for you – no-one else, just you. This may be a little different, but maybe it’s time for a something new.

You're in safe hands

MSc. (Weight Management) MSc. (Psychology) PGCert. (Exercise & Nutrition Science) DipION D.Clin.Hyp.

Where's your best
fish and chips?

Yes, I know but, although generally considered “unhealthy”, an occasional, planned, indulgence can help you stay connected to healthier, happier, eating for the rest of the time.
By the way, mine are in North Wales, about three times a year, on a Thursday when the oil is fresh; I eat them on the beach, and share them with my family. No, I don’t feel guilty, and yes, they are delicious.