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Had enough of feeling the way you do and want to sort out your eating, lifestyle choices or your weight and get on with Life, no matter what it throws at you? Is it time to do health differently?

I work with people just like you who feel like they’re not quite at their best and are prepared to invest in improving their eating, relationship with food, and changing their choices.

This is a great opportunity to look beyond the outdated idea of  “one size fits all” dietary guidelines or the “eat less, move more” philosophy that research has shown quite simply doesn’t work in weight management.

Bespoke programmes, built around and with you, acknowledge that an individually constructed strategy for health is more effective, and that understanding your personal requirements is key to successful food choice and long-lasting health and weight management.


My list is currently full and I am not taking new clients at present. If you would like too notified when a space becomes available, or if you would like me to recommend a colleague who may be able to help, please do message me. Thank you.


Where my knowledge of food and behaviour blends with your expertise on You.

one to one advice


Addressing food choices to maximise nutrient provision and adjusting eating behaviour and lifestyle to deliver amazing results.

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